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Besten Gaming Laptops Mittelklasse-Empfehlung: Dell G7 17 7790-XJ6FP

Asus Zephyrus G Der. Alienware Aream. Ein. Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX Leistung und Schönheit. MSI GS65 Stealth. Dünn. Razer Blade. Das schärfste!.

Besten Gaming Laptops

Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX Leistung und Schönheit. Die besten Gaming Laptops im ausführlichen Test: Aktuelle Gaming Notebooks im Vergleich. Bestenliste, Testberichte, Testergebnisse und Testsieger. Asus ROG Zephyrus G Der beste Gaming Laptop. Asus. CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 HS – 9 HS; Grafikkarte: Nvidia GeForce RTX

And if you're need them, the Y has enough ports to support a nice fleet of peripherals. Read our full Lenovo Legion Y review. Meet the most powerful gaming laptop we've ever tested.

The Alienware Area 51m's stunning, one-of-a-kind design houses a desktop-grade Intel Core i9 CPU and a full Nvidia RTX GPU, allowing it to tear through demanding games without breaking a sweat while supporting every possible high-powered feature -- including ray tracing -- a technology designed to bring gamers ever closer to photorealism.

In short, this gaming laptop is a certifiable beast. Better yet, the Area 51m's arresting magnesium alloy chassis is fully future-proof, allowing you to swap out key components such as the GPU and CPU to keep the system fresh over time.

That's right, you can fully upgrade this bad boy. Factor in a stunning p G-Sync display, customizable RGB lighting, a seriously comfortable and booming front-firing speakers, and you've got the ultimate battlestation for gamers willing to splurge in pursuit of sheer power.

It's our top gaming laptop for DIYers and those in search of performance-focused system. See our full Alienware Area 51m review.

You've never seen a gaming laptop like this plain and simple. Part laptop, part all-in-one PC, the Asus ROG Mothership features a convertible design that allows you to detach the magnetic keyboard for a more comfortable desktop experience.

You can also fold the Mothership in a variety of configurations to better suit your lap or desk. Add that versatility to a truly out-of-this-world design with customizable RGB lighting and up to an Intel Core i9 CPU and RTX graphics, and you have one of the most intriguing albeit expensive gaming laptops yet.

It looks like the third time's the charm for Asus. The Strix Scar III is quite the impressive gaming laptop, offering strong performance, a Hz panel, long battery life, a clicky keyboard and decent speakers.

Gaming laptops are having a moment, and HP wants a bigger role. What better way to join the party than by offering a powerful gaming rig at a reasonable price?

Enter the Omen 17 a great upper-tier gaming laptop that play nice with your budget. It's also easy on the eyes in spite of its plastic frame and serves up serious performance thanks to its surprisingly powerful specs.

The latest Omen 17 is an improvement over its predecessor in many ways: The laptop was redesigned with a slimmer, more sophisticated chassis; its RTX graphics offer a serious performance boost; and its p, Hz display gets quite bright.

You also have HP Omen Command, a software that assists in monitoring system diagnostics as well as set network bandwidth.

But what really differentiates the Omen 17 is its competitive price. It's one of the best gaming laptops at this price.

See our full HP Omen 17 review. Acer Predator Triton impresses with its slim-and-light 4. It offers a great mix of graphics and overall power, something you can't get in every gaming laptop.

And thanks to the Turbo option, you can squeeze even more power out of the GPU. It comes in handy for some of the more demanding titles available like Doom Eternal.

The The gaming laptop also sports a SSD with "blink-and-you'll-miss-it? If you want serious power in a nice portable design, the Acer Predator Triton is a good gaming laptop that should be at the top of your list.

See our full Acer Predator Triton review. The Razer Blade Pro 17 is an absolute stunner and the epitome of sleek with its 0.

No surprise there, as Razer is known for its captivating minimalist aesthetic juxtaposed against its provocative glowing emerald-green logo.

Throw in the gorgeous Chroma-backlit keyboard and you've got a device that's equal parts art and machine. It's a serious conversation starter.

But the Blade Pro is more than just a pretty face. A pair of lightning-fast SSDs and a surprisingly effective cooling system only sweeten the proposition.

The laptop deftly straddles the line between gaming and creative professionals, delivering strong overall and gaming performance and a nice display to get it done.

See our full Razer Blade Pro 17 review. Hands down, it a great gaming laptop that looks good and plays hard.

What makes the Stealth stand out is its battery life. The notebook has a The laptop lasted over 6 hours on our battery test.

This is also the first system in the Blade line to offer dual storage. And if that's not enough for you, Razer's also offering the notebook in a stunning Mercury White aluminum chassis that's sure to have all eyes on you when you make the winning play.

But where Razer really apes other inch gaming systems is in its size. The 4. But don't sleep on its performance, with an Nvidia RTX graphics card, the Blade 15 is here it comes bearing gifts of ray tracing and artificial intelligence.

This top gaming laptop is ready to game, video edit, crunch numbers and more at the drop of a hat.

Read our full Razer Blade 15 review. Gigabyte's Aero 17 HDR is a beast of a gaming laptop. This baby has all the high-end specs, including a gorgeous Overall, the Aero 17 HDR makes for a great gaming laptop, impressing with its display and battery life.

Aside from the performance, the This panel, without a doubt is kick-ass. It's crazy bright and colorful and really lives up to that "HDR" label.

The system's battery life, which lasted over 5 hours is also a crowd pleaser. The Aero 17 HDR leaves little doubt that it's a top gaming laptop.

The new look is nothing short of stunning, and when paired with MSI's custom of employing the most powerful components available, the Titan is a force to be reckoned with, performance-wise and financially.

This laptop has just about everything, including an Intel desktop processor and a full Nvidia RTX GPU, which means it's plenty powerful for gaming and productivity.

The GT76 is mixing old and new in a great way. The new is the lovely new silver design that's Camelot-meets-the-racetrack.

It's a bold departure from the tired gamer motif. The old is the company's kitchen-sink approach to gaming laptops which never fails to disappoint.

As expected with its hefty price tag, this laptop has just about everything, which is why its one of our favorite desktop-replacement gaming laptops.

Sometimes, less is more, especially if the alternative would put a serious hurting on your wallet.

In a genre that is typically feast or famine, HP found a way to make a gaming laptop that's relatively affordable, without making too many sacrifices.

The Omen 15 provides a sizable wallop whether you're gaming or working on a report. It's ideal for work or play. The HP Omen 15 is a great mid-tier gaming laptop.

You get a system that packs a punch on both the gaming and overall performance. If you're looking for an affordable gaming laptop that doesn't cut too many corners, the HP Omen is for you.

See our full HP Omen 15 review. Laptop Mag has been testing and reviewing laptops for over two decades. And G-Sync eliminates the need for software-based adaptive sync protocols, such as v-sync, which notoriously reeks of input lag and microstuttering.

If real-time ray tracing is your endgame, the Lenovo Legion Y does not disappoint. In fact, in the Metro Exodus RTX benchmark, which sees most of the in-game graphics settings cranked all the way up, the Y managed an impressive average of 46fps.

Read the full Lenovo Legion Y review. Not everyone needs the thinnest or the most powerful gaming laptop.

Sometimes just lightweight and powerful are fine. The G14 is a great laptop, especially seeing as it can push Metro Exodus at the highest settings, with ray tracing on, at an average pace of 40fps.

Despite it being loud, the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is a reliable inch system with high-end graphics that rivals even some gaming desktops.

The only obvious downside is the lack of an included SSD. This puts the price of the GL63 just a little bit higher than budget laptops without dedicated graphics, but for that little bit extra you get exponentially higher performance when compared to laptops with integrated graphics.

When Nvidia announced its Max-Q mobile graphics cards, the pared-down version of its top-end GPUs, it said the best gaming laptops would get thinner and lighter even as they get more powerful.

With its posh, black and gold design—deeply inspired by the inch GS65 Stealth Thin before it—the GS75 Stealth is a handsome and perfectly good inch lappy on the outside, minus its susceptibility to paint chipping.

Oh, and the touchpad woes. Snug inside its aluminum alloy chassis is a hardy GeForce RTX graphics card, spanning almost Nvidia's whole line of ray tracing products, paired with an Intel Core i7 H processor no matter which configuration you buy.

Be that as it may, every version of the GS75 Stealth is pricey at more than two grand. It's not a budget system. Decimating the competition, it ran Shadow of the Tomb Raider in p at 87fps, and that was at the highest graphics preset.

Pretty incredible for a portable PC weighing less than five pounds. Buying a laptop usually means picking two from the list of price, performance, and portability.

It uses a previous gen quad-core CPU, but that doesn't matter much in most games. As such, you shouldn't expect more than around two hours of battery life.

Don't forget your charger! What makes one laptop more attractive than another in the eyes of a gamer? Is it lightweight for portability between LAN parties?

How about high-end hardware to facilitate the fastest frame rates? Surely connectivity matters. Or maybe the value is what matters most.

Of course not, which is why the best builders cram in as much processing muscle as possible, even when money is tight. And at the top of the range, desktop-class components in mobile enclosures set new performance records with every generation.

Tests are performed at p using the highest available graphics preset, with V-sync and G-Sync disabled, unless the laptop in question is packing a higher resolution display and the hardware to support playing at higher resolutions.

If scores drop on subsequent tests, the lower throttled scores are used. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

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Zum Click von über 3. Immerhin lassen sich der Arbeitsspeicher und die Festplatte aufrüsten bzw. Kommentare Diese sind dann aber womöglich nur noch mit mittleren Detailstufen spielbar. Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste erklärst du dich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. Leider werden die Lüfter beim Spielen sehr laut, was vor allem geräuschempfindliche Gamer vor unserer Empfehlung zurückschrecken lassen könnte. Das schlanke und optisch dezent gehaltene Gehäuse spricht dabei nicht nur Gamer, sondern auch die Creator-Fraktion an. Dabei können immer hohe bis maximale Qualitätseinstellungen gewählt werden. Selbst die kleinsten Mängel, wie eine unglücklich gewählte Tastaturaufteilung, die ungewohnte Position der Webcam und der nicht ganz so leistungsstarke Source, wiegen alle Vorteile auf und du erhältst mit dem Lenovo Legion Visit web page einen der besten Gaming-Laptops Allerdings müssen Käufer wie bei vielen Desktop-Replacements mit einem hohen Gewicht und einer hohen Geräuschkulisse im 3D-Betrieb leben. Die Webcam ist allerdings nicht have Beste Spielothek in Deizisau finden speaking platziert. Sicherlich gibt es immer noch Notebooks, auf die diese Beschreibung zutrifft, für die aktuelle Generation mit nm-GPUs und aktuellem Vielkernprozessor gelten aber neue Regeln. Hallo, Ich bin zur Zeit auf der Suche nach einem neuen Laptop. Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste erklärst du dich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. Denis Hentschel. Kaufberater Bestenliste. Besten Gaming Laptops Lenovo Legion Y Gigabyte Aorus 17G. Alienware m17 (). › de-de › news › die-besten-gaming-laptops Die besten Gaming Laptops im ausführlichen Test: Aktuelle Gaming Notebooks im Vergleich. Bestenliste, Testberichte, Testergebnisse und Testsieger.

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SYSTEMPROGRAMMIERER Selbst wenn zwei KГ¶ln Hsv die gleichen technischen Daten aufweisen, können sie sich bei der Leistung im Spiel stark unterscheiden. Viel Hardware braucht natürlich auch viel Platz und somit fällt das Gehäuse des 17 YA wirklich riesig go here. Lies den kompletten Testbericht: Asus Zephyrus G Gigabyte Aero 15x v8.
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Insgesamt überzeugt das Pavilion 15 mit einem guten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Die wenigen Kritikpunkte werden aber nicht nur von der Leistung etwas ausgeglichen, sondern auch durch die gute Kühlung. Der Laptop Zocken nimmt es mit jeder Herausforderung auf und lässt sich dank hochwertiger Verarbeitung und edlem Design auch überall mitnehmen. Gaming Laptop Bestenliste 3. Der Sound der Lautsprecher könnte besser sein und die Tastatur ist etwas schwammig. Immerhin lassen sich der Arbeitsspeicher und die Festplatte aufrüsten bzw.

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Der ist aber gerechtfertigt, wenn man die zuverlässige Leistung, die gute Delfin Spiele Kostenlos und die üppige Ausstattung bedenkt. Der Laptop rundet die Leistung mit einem modernen Design ab. Das Gehäuse besticht darüber hinaus durch gute Eingabegeräte, eine saubere Verarbeitung und diverse Beleuchtungsmöglichkeiten. Im Akkumodus ist Spielen nicht, da der Akku nicht benötigte Spannung aufrechterhalten kann. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Ich finde allerdings bis schon teuer. Akzeptabel 2,8. Dies ist eine unvergleichbar hohe Leistung für so ein schmales Notebook und ist zudem auch noch aufrüstbar. Leider entwickelt der Laptop bei starker Auslastung eine recht hohe Temperatur und Lautstärke. Mit 2.

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Neben einem freien M. Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Wen das nicht stört, der erhält ein leistungsstarkes Notebook im schlanken Design zu einem guten Preis. Einen besseren Gaming Laptop gibt es meiner Meinung nach derzeit nicht. Hallo Experten-Team. Maar toch. Duurzame gaming laptops en processoren zorgen voor een goede verdeling van hitte, genoeg verluchting en een innovatieve plaatsing van de hardware onderdelen. Heb je geen goed RAM…. Enerzijds bepaald door je grafische kaart, anderzijds door de hardware voor je ogen. Kijken we naar de capaciteiten van de Triton dan zien we meteen dat deze gaming laptop niet moet onderdoen. Aufgrund des mächtigen Wh-Akkus ist auch die Laufzeit üppig. Nvidia RTX, and models click at this page all present and correct, and the Super variants have recently joined the party. As such, you shouldn't expect more than around two hours of battery life.

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